In cooperation with partner companies Allianz Partners creates useful insurance offerings in the electronics & household sector for which there is genuine need in the market. The success reaffirms our determination to actively look for new and practical solutions for our customers.

Mobile phone insurance

With mobile phone insurance Allianz Partners covers its customers for the loss and/or failure of the mobile phone, assuming the repair costs in the event of its malfunctioning as a result of being dropped or due to damage caused by water and liquids, short-circuit or sand. In the event of total damage the customer receives a replacement phone of equal value. In addition, call charges that have been incurred through misuse following theft are covered.

All-risks cover – electronic devices

The attractive all-risks cover for electronic devices can be taken out for all mobile devices (laptops, tablets, cameras, games consoles, etc.) and includes insurance cover in the event of damage as a result of being dropped or due to water or humidity, short-circuit, robbery, theft or break-in. In addition, the insurance can be augmented with a guarantee extension.

Guarantee extension

When a guarantee extension is taken out Allianz Partners assumes all repair and spare parts costs within the scope of the manufacturer’s guarantee and those terms and conditions of insurance that come outside the manufacturer's guarantee period.

Call misuse

This insurance covers the misuse of VOIP telephony service (telephony over the internet). This unique insurance solution offers the user maximum protection against hackers.

Household protection

Allianz Partners organises any action that needs to be taken, e.g. provision of suitable tradesmen or security firms when an emergency arises at home due to  fire, natural hazards, break-in or water-related events, as well as glass breakages.

Are you interested in working with us?

You’ll find a close partnership with Allianz Partners worthwhile in many respects. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • You generate risk-free income.
  • You supplement your own service offering perfectly.
  • You increase customer loyalty thanks to more contacts.
  • You increase your turnover through additional sales.
  • You offer your customers a full-range high-quality service and thus create a sense of security and trust.
  • You can offer your customers an additional range of services.


We look forward to working with you. If you are interested in a partnership or have any questions please contact us by telephone on +41 44 283 32 22 or by e-mail info@allianz-assistance.ch


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