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Frequently Asked Questions

Allianz Global Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to provide you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products. If you have additional enquiries, please contact our Service Center from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm: +41 44 283 32 22 or e-mail.

Questions before taking out the insurance cover

Questions about claims

Questions before taking out the insurance cover

Can I just arrange insurance to cover cancellation costs?
Allianz Global Assistance only offers combination products, which usually include Assistance cover (e.g. Cancellation Cost / Assistance, Annual insurance policies, etc.).

The exception is the Cancellation costs for rent, courses, seminars, which only insures the on-shore package, such as overnight stays in hotels or holiday apartments or course fees. Here too, we recommend that combined Cancellation Cost / Assistance insurance should be taken out to cover 5% of the package price.

What is the latest time for taking out Cancellation Costs insurance?
The policy can be taken out at any time before the trip.

Does a baby or infant also have to be insured?
Babies usualy travel at no charge, so there is no need for insurance against cancellation costs. However, it may be that you have to travel back to Switzerland from your holidays because of your baby, for health rasons. If you haven't taken out Assistance insurance to cover your baby, Allianz Global Assistance will not pay the costs. A combined Cancellation Cost / Assistance insurance policy is therefore always worth having.

If I realise that I already have insurance, can I return the policy and get a refund of the premium?
Yes, Allianz Global Assistance will take the policy back free of charge within 4 days of issue. The only exception to this is the return of a Recuperation Costs insurance policy for guests. If your visitors are unable to travel to you and you want to return the policy, the premium will be refunded, but Allianz Global Assistance will retain an administration charge of CHF 100.

Can insurance also be arranged for people who live abroad?
Yes, most products from Allianz Global Assistance (except annual insurance policies) can be bought, as long as the trip is booked in Switzerland.

What does "closely-connected persons" mean?
These include relatives and life partners and their parents and children, the carers of under-age children who are not travelling with them, or relatives who are in need of care, or very close friends with whom there is close contact.

Is there a discount on the premium for more people?
Yes. Groups of 10 people get a rebate of 20% on the following products: Travel Insurance Pass basic, Travel Insurance Pass all inclusive, Air accident, Cancellation Cost / Assistance, Travel Baggage, Recuperation Costs and Private Medical.

Is there an age limit for Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies?
Yes, the age limit for Private Medical and Recuperation Costs insurance for guests is 80, but there is no limit in relation to age for other Allianz Global Assistance products.

Do Allianz Global Assistance products also apply to packages in Switzerland?
The products are valid world-wide, including Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The exceptions to this rule are Private Medical and Travel Baggage insurance. These apply outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, and outside the permanent place of residence, respectively.

Can couples who live together take out a Family Annual Insurance Policy?
Yes. All people living as part of the same household and any under-age children of theirs who do not live as a part of the same household are covered.

Up to what age can the Junior option of Secure Trip LIGHT, Secure Trip or Secure Trip PLUS insurance be taken out?
Up to the relevant person's 26th birthday.

What is the maximum amount covered by Cancellation Costs, Secure Trip, Secure Trip LIGHT and Secure Trip PLUS?

  • Secure Trip Individual and Junior cover up to CHF 25'000 per trip; Family covers up to CHF 50'000 per trip.
  • Secure Trip LIGHT Individual and Junior same cover as Secure Trip. In the case of cancellation of the trip there is an 20% excess.
  • Secure Trip PLUS Individual and Junior cover up to CHF 50'000 per trip; Family covers up to CHF 100'000 per trip.

Is there a period of notice for cancellation of the annual insurance policies?
Yes. A notice period of 3 months to the end of insurance must be given by the insured person for these insurance policies (e.g. Secure Trip). Cancellation has to be notified written or by e-mail. If the insurance has not been cancelled, it will continue for a further year.

What is the maximum insured sum for Travel Baggage insurance?
The maximum sum is CHF 10'000 per person (minimum sum is CHF 2'000).

Are mobile phones covered by the Travel Baggage insurance?
No. Cover can not be obtained for mobile phones, computers, laptops or electronic diaries.

Can a Recuperation insurance policy be extended?
Yes, on a maximum of two occasions, as long as the total duration is no more than 185 days, and that no previous claims have been made.

What is a translation service?
Callyandi is a telephone translation service to translate between German, Spanish, French, English and Italian. This service will be extended by further languages, such as Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.


Questions about claims

What documentation will I have to submit when I notify the claim?
(NB! Before you submit the documents to us, you must immediately cancel the booked trip with the travel agency, person renting the property, airline, etc.)

  • Fully-completed claim form
  • Insurance certificate (a copy of the policy)
  • Confirmation of booking
  • Invoice for cancellation costs
  • A certificate from a neutral doctor, with a diagnosis; a certificate from a neutral psychiatry specialist in the case of psychiatric illness (you will find the form on our website)
  • Death certificate

Health Care for Visitors

  • Fully-completed claim form + medical report
  • Insurance certificate (policy)
  • If travelling into Switzeland: a copy of the passport with an entry stamp (Visa)

Private Medical

  • Insurance certificate (policy)
  • Medical certificate with diagnosis
  • Invoices for the costs of doctors, medication and hospital costs, plus doctors' prescription in the original

Travel Baggage

  • Fully-completed claim form
  • Insurance certification (policy)
  • Police report
  • A record of the facts of the case
  • Receipts and confirmations

How long does it take to process a claim?
Allianz Global Assistance aims to settle the case quickly and competently. Cases will be examined on a individual basis by qualified staff. The processing time will vary, depending on the particular case. You can help us to minimise the time it takes to process your claim by providing comprehensive documentation.

Why don't the reimbursed cancellation costs match the amount I originally paid to the travel agent?
Allianz Global Assistance only pays the contractually-owed cancellation costs. Any difference will be credited to you by the travel agent. The insurance premiums will not be repaid.

What will I have to do if I need to cancel a trip?
The cancellation must be notified immediatelly to your booking office. The insurance policy, confirmation of booking or cancellation invoice, medical certificate with diagnosis, or death certificate in the event of a death, must be submitted to Allianz Global Assistance.

What is the maximum amount covered for the Assistance services, and what will I have to do to claim these services?
These amounts are unlimited (except for Search and Rescue costs, up to CHF 30'000). The Allianz Global Assistance emergency call centre must be notified as soon as the event or affliction occurs in order to be able to claim these services: Tel. +41 44 202 00 00, Fax +41 44 283 33 33.

Does Assistance also cover the costs of doctors, hospitals or medication?
No, these costs are not insured and will have to be settled via the health insurance system.

What will I have to do if my travel baggage is stolen?
The incident must be reported to the nearest police station without delay, and a police report, a claim form and (for expensive items) the original receipt must be submitted to Allianz Global Assistance.

What is not covered under Health Care for Visitors and Private Medical??
Injuries and illnesses that were already present when the insurance cover started, together with the consequences, complications, exacerbations and relapses arising from them, and particularly chronic or recurring illnesses, regardless of whether they were known to the insured person at the time the insurance cover began or not.

Do Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies involve an excess?
No, except for the following insurances:

  • Recuperaton Costs insurance for guests (CHF 200.-)
  • Travel Baggage insurance in the event of theft (CHF 200.-)
  • Annual insurance Secure Trip LIGHT in case of canellation (20%)

Which individuals can demand an insurance benefit in the event of a claim?
The people listed in the insurance policy. In the case of family insurance cover, this would be all the people living as part of the same household, and any under-age children of theirs who do not live as part of the same household.

How long do I have to submit the claim?
Claims run out two years after the event upon which the duty of provision is initiated (with the exception of Air Accident insurance, which is valid for 5 years).

My claim has been rejected. To whom can I send my written objection?
The insured person must send a written application for reconsideration to the person dealing with the case, with the Allianz Global Assistance reference number and with new facts. The insured person can also arrange for the private insurance ombudsman's office to carry out a neutral examination of the claim.

Ombudsman of private insurance and of suva
P.O. Box 181
8024 Zürich

Tel. +41(0)44 211 30 90