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Cancellation Insurance

You will be refunded the travel cancellation costs under your cancellation costs insurance policy if you have to cancel your journey for health-related or other insured reasons for cancelling the journey.

Choose a cancellation costs insurance policy tailored to your specific needs

Holiday trips

Holiday trip insurance

With our cancellation insurance packages for holiday trips, you have financial security if you cannot go on a private holiday trip for unexpected reasons.

Starting from CHF 15.00

Business trips

Business trip insurance

Our insurance packages for business trips offer reliable travel cover for travellers' personal requirements on any business trip.

Starting from CHF 270.00


Annulation insurance for events

You will be refunded the cancellation costs under the event insurance packages if you cannot make use of a booked arrangement (holiday home, seminar, course or event trip).

Starting from CHF 4.00


Flight insurance

By taking out flight insurance, you will be refunded the cancellation costs if you are unable to go on a planned journey for unexpected reasons.

Starting from 20.00