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Travel Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance - Travel Assistance

A lot can happen when on holiday – illness, injury, document theft… Well, for such eventualities there’s our Travel Assistance.

The basic principle of Assistance is to organise and/or provide 24-hour, on-the-spot emergency assistance. Benefits not only include those directly related to emergencies and losses, but just as importantly other general support services. Because we believe that travel insurance is about much more than just making good financial losses, it goes without saying that unlimited Assistance is part of nearly all our travel insurance products.

An overview of our Assistance benefits:

We help in the event of illness or injury when travelling abroad

  • transfer to a local hospital equipped to provide the appropriate treatment

We will organise your repatriation and bring you safely back home

  • transport to a hospital equipped to provide the appropriate treatment in your home country with or without medical supervision (subject to the approval of the Assistance doctor)
  • accompanied journey home for underage children

We will support you if you need to make an unplanned return tripdue to a travelling companion or family member being forced to abandon the trip

  • due to illness, injury or the death of a non-travelling close relative at home (the usual place of residence of the insured person)
  • due to severe damage being caused to property at the place of residence as a result of theft, fire or water
  • due to riot, terrorist attack, natural disaster or strike (exception: strikes by tour operators and airlines are not insured)
  • due to the cancellation of the means of transport as a result of breakdown or accident
  • repatriation in the event of death

We will help you if your documents are stolen

  • defrayment of additional costs for the trip

Further details can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.