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Allianz Global Assistance - How can we help

We are there where you need us. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions and guarantee maximum service quality around the clock. 250 million people around the world depend on us. You too can rely on our values: Trust, reliability, networking, initiative and professionalism.

This is what our customers say


Tobias S.

„My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Thailand – she was already 5 months pregnant. After a few days, she had such intense dizziness and fainting spells that we had to go to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed severe food poisoning. A big risk for my wife and our unborn child! After intensive consultation with several staff and doctors at Allianz Global Assistance, they confirmed they were willing to cover the cost of repatriation for my wife. Our daughter is now 5 years old and a picture of health."
- Tobias S.


Tanja B.

„Our flight to Singapore was over five hours late! That is why we missed the connecting flight to Bali, where we had already booked a hotel, and had to spend a night at the airport. Fortunately, I had the Allianz Global Assistance card at my fingertips. After a quick and easy claims declaration by phone, we were able to continue our trip with confidence – and Allianz Global Assistance covered all the costs caused by the delay."
- Tanja B.


Ines H.

„Shortly before beginning our trip, my husband suffered a serious eye inflammation and we had to cancel our vacation. As we had taken out cancellation costs insurance with Allianz Global Assistance, I called them immediately and explained the situation. All the staff were very helpful and professional. We received full reimbursement of our travel expenses and were able to go on a wonderful holiday elsewhere. Since then, we never travel without travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance!"
- Ines H.


Benedikt K.

„On the return trip back from holiday in Spain, I found my baggage on the carousel but seriously damaged. Someone had broken into the suitcase and stolen my camera as well as some clothes. I reported the theft directly at the airport and sent the report together with the claim form to Allianz Global Assistance – two weeks later, I had the money for the stolen items in my account. Thank you, Allianz Global Assistance."
- Benedikt K.


Nicole Z.

„When I went on a road trip through the United States with my four children, we visited the Grand Canyon. When trying to shoot good photos, my youngest son slipped and fell five meters! I was completely desperate and didn't know what to do. Fortunately my daughter immediately called the emergency services. They organized a rescue helicopter, which took my son to the nearest hospital. Because his head injuries were so severe, he had to be repatriated back to Switzerland. Allianz Global Assistance took complete care of transporting my son back and even covered the costs of our unused hotel arrangements! Today my son is well again. I don't know if that would be the case without Allianz Global Assistance. Many thanks for your help."
- Nicole Z.