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What do I need to be careful of when taking out insurance?

Characteristics of insurances - Allianz Global Assistance

The type of insurance you sign up for depends on various factors. You should pay particular attention to: The premium, scope of benefits, deductibles, insurance duration and sum insured.


The premium is the price that the policyholder pays for the insurance coverage. This is highly dependent on the scope of benefits, duration of coverage and the deductible to be borne.

Scope of benefits

Various types of benefit are provided depending on the insurance package. The basic insurance packages, such as  Secure Trip LIGHT, contain only the most necessary insurance coverage.  The more comprehensive packages, such as Secure Trip PLUS, contain many optional extras. Generally speaking, the more benefits, the better the protection and the higher the premium.


The deductible (self insurance) refers to the proportion that the policyholder has to bear in the event of a claim, and is contractually agreed. Travel insurance plans often contain a limit on the deductible. However, we offer many products without a deductible, such as the Secure Trip package.

Duration of insurance

The insurance period begins when you take out the insurance and ends on the date specified in the insurance plan. One-time insurance is for a trip of max. 92 days and ends thereafter. Annual travel insurance is valid for as many trips and for as long as you like during one year.

Sum insured

Individual sums insured are specified depending on the benefits and the individual insurance package. In the event of a claim, the policyholder receives a sum up to this amount without a deductible. Any amount over that is not insured.


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