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Roadside Assistance - Swizerland & Europe

Pannenhilfe für die Schweiz und ganz Europa

Straightforward assistance in case of an accident or breakdown in your car.


  • Breakdown help
    If the vehicle is no longer roadworthy due to breakdown or an accident, a breakdown service will be organised and paid for on the spot.
  • Towing
    Arrangement and meeting the costs of towing the vehicle to a suitable nearby garage.
  • Recovery
    Costs of up to CHF 2'000.- will be paid for returning the vehicle to a roadworthy condition after an accident.
  • Overnight stay / Travel home / Hired Car
    If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day or within 48 hours when abroad, or if the return or onward journey is not possible on the same day due to theft, AGA will organise and pay for overnight accommodation, travel home or a rental car for travel home or onward journey.
  • Taxi costs
    Taxi costs of up to CHF 50.- in connection with overnight accommodation, travel home or the use of a rental car will be paid per event.
  • Return transport for vehicle
    Organisation of and payment of the costs of returning the unroadworthy or recovered vehicle to the nearest garage in the place of residence of the policyholder.
  • Driving back by Chauffeur
    Organisation of and payment of the costs of returning the vehicle and the occupants with a chauffeur if the driver is seriously ill, seriously injured or dies and none of his/her fellow travellers are able to return the vehicle.
  • Credit and customer card barring service
    In the event of the robbery, theft, loss or misplacement of bank, post office, credit and store cards, the insured can request assistance and arrange to have the cards in question blocked immediately.
  • Mobile phone barring service
    If the insured person loses their mobile phone, or if it is stolen, arrangements will be made to have the phone blocked immediately by the provider in question.
  • Home Care
    Home Care provides emergency help when the Swiss residence suffers a loss due to burglary, fire, natural hazards or water damage or glass breakage during a trip abroad.

Period of insurance / Premium

1 Year: CHF 75.00

This insurance policy can currently only be purchased by telephone through our Service Centre on:

Service Center - Allianz Global Assistance
+41 44 283 32 22