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Current information on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Against the background of current developments in connection with the
spread of the coronavirus, we have compiled the most important informations below.

Advice for travellers before and during the trip

Basically we recommend the following steps for the fastest possible assistance:

  1. take note of the current travel recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and travel restrictions and advice from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).
  2. contact your tour operator or the airline  Whether and to what extent a free cancellation or rebooking is possible can change continuously.
  3. if the providers do not cover any costs, check your insurance documents. The coverage for cancellation or termination depends on the respective insurance. Usually epidemics and pandemics are excluded. With our experience as a travel insurer, we can advise these insured persons to find a suitable solution.
    However, we cannot assume any costs.

    Epidemics or pandemics (such as COVID-19) are explicitly excluded from our standard travel insurance coverages. Concerns about possible infection or an increased risk of infection at the travel destination are also non-insurable events. Unfortunately, we can’t offer any respective travel insurance products and ask you to contact your travel operator / airline for further questions.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Further helpful information about COVID-19

The following preventive recommendations for action are recommended:

  • Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap or with a hand disinfectant, cough only in a handkerchief or in the crook of your arm and stay at home in case of illness.

The FOPH will shortly be making available a dedicated website with further information at:

  • Avoid large gatherings, such as sporting events, public transport and large centres.
  • If you have breathing difficulties, coughing or fever Stay at home and contact a doctor or a health care institution (e.g. a hospital) immediately - first by telephone.

  1. for specific medical questions, our insured can contact the Medi24 medical competence centre at any time. You will find the corresponding number in your GTC under "Emergency number" and select the option "International emergency" when calling.
  2. Similarly, the FOPH has also set up a hotline for flu-like symptoms such as respiratory problems, coughing or fever. People are actively asked not to go directly to their GP, but to contact him by telephone first.
  3. The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides daily information on the current situation.

Goodwill fund in cases of medical emergencies

The health of our customers is our top priority. For this reason, Allianz Partners has opened a goodwill fund to help travellers in need.

The fund is used to organize extra return trips to Switzerland in order to guarantee adequate medical care for high-risk customers (so-called high risk groups).

Affected are people who due to their age and / or chronic illnesses must assume a particularly serious course of disease if they are infected with the coronavirus.

Please report to our emergency medical center in order to clarify together with us the need for an early or alternative return journey.

Our medical officers are available to initiate appropriate arrangements in consultation with you and / or your physician.

Case studies

Gesture of goodwill valid until 30. June 2020.

1. I am already at my destination, am infected with the coronavirus and cannot continue my trip as planned.

This case is identical to #1 - it is not an insured event due to epidemic origin of the sickness.
However, we offer active assistance to travellers in need - regardless of the insurance coverage. As a gesture of goodwill, Allianz Partners will additionally cover the reimbursement of additional return travel costs, unforeseen costs up to the maximum insured amount or unused benefits.

2. I have already arrived at my destination, am suffering from coronavirus and have treatment costs.

Due to various local governmental measures to combat the epidemic (e.g. quarantine measures), we are unable to offer a general gesture of goodwill. Allianz Partners cannot cover any treatment cost.

3. I am already at my destination, I am not ill, but I cannot continue my journey as planned.

Due to the explicit exclusion of epidemic and pandemic events as well as consequences of events associated with official decrees, this is not an insured event. We offer active assistance to travellers in need but cannot cover any cost.
Please contact the tour operators or airlines to for possible alternatives.

4. I am already at my destination, am not ill, but would like to end my trip prematurely.

We cannot cover precautionary measures.
Fear of a possible infection or an increased risk of infection, are non-insurable events.

5. I'm afraid of catching a disease when abroad.

We cannot cover a possible fear of travelling.
Please contact the event, tour operator or airline for possible alternatives.

6. Federal Council of Switzerland officially declared a „special situation“ in terms of the Epidemics Act. Does this influence my cancellation coverage in any way?

Due to the explicit exclusion of both epidemic and pandemic events, as well as “consequences of events associated with official decrees” Allianz Partners cannot cover any cost in such a case.
Nonetheless, in an assistance case we offer active assistance to travellers in need - regardless of the insurance coverage.
Please contact the tour operators or airlines to for possible alternatives.

7. Due to local governmental measures I cannot travel.

Due to the explicit exclusion of both epidemic and pandemic events, as well as consequences of events associated with official decrees Allianz Partners cannot cover any cost in such a case.
Please contact the tour operators or airlines to for possible alternatives.

General questions and answers

  • Are Allianz Partners customers affected by the coronavirus outbreak?

Allianz Partners is the world's leading travel insurance expert. It goes without saying that we offer active assistance to travelers in need - regardless of insurance coverage.

For example, Swiss insured persons can access constantly updated medical information and other medical concerns regarding COVID-19 from Medi24, regardless of their location.

Worldwide, we look after several confirmed cases - as well as suspected cases of COVID-19. Our Medical Operations teams process these cases and ensure that the affected persons receive appropriate care.

  • Does Allianz Partners have a contingency plan to fight the COVID-19 outbreak?

Our Group Medical Operations has activated "MedCrisis", a proactive, comprehensive process to respond to the event worldwide. "MedCrisis" facilitates the optimization of appropriate medical responses and, if necessary, the return of our customers.

Questions before taking out the insurance cover

Formal terms and conditions of insurance

When is the last day that cancellation charges insurance can be taken out?

All types of insurance (short-term or annual policies) can be taken out at any time. Please note: pre-existing illnesses or accidents are not insured.

If I notice that I already have a current insurance policy, can I return the policy and receive a refund for the premium?

Yes. Allianz Global Assistance allows you to return your policy free of charge within four days of issue.

Is there a notice period for cancelling annual insurance policies?

Yes. These policies (e.g. Secure Trip) must be cancelled by the insured person three months before they end. They can be cancelled in writing or by e-mail. If they are not cancelled, the policies will continue for another year.

How can I cancel my annual insurance policy?

Notices of termination can be submitted by letter post or e-mail, subject to a three-month notice period. We will then confirm your cancellation in writing.

Can cancellation insurance be taken out for people resident abroad?

Yes. Insurance can be taken out for a trip provided that the trip is booked in Switzerland. This does not apply to annual travel insurance policies, which can only be sold to people who are resident in Switzerland.

Do Allianz Global Assistance products also apply to travel arrangements in Switzerland?

Our insurance policies apply worldwide, including in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, with the exception of "health care costs for visitors", which is valid throughout the Schengen Area except in the country of residence of the insured person.

Product-specific terms and conditions of insurance

Can I take out cancellation charges insurance on its own?

Allianz Global Assistance only offers combinations, which usually include assistance cover (e.g. cancellation charges/assistance within an annual insurance policy, etc.).
The exception to this rule is the "cancellation charges for accommodation and further training" option, which only covers arrangements made in the country such as hotel accommodation, holiday homes or course fees.

What is the maximum amount of travel luggage cover that can be taken out?

Secure Trip Premium PLUS offers cover of CHF 4000 with the Junior and Individual options. With the Family insurance policy, the cover amounts to CHF 6000. The sum insured in the travel protection package Premium is CHF 2000. Travel luggage cover in every insurance policy includes an excess of CHF 200.

Are mobile phones also covered by travel luggage coverage?

Yes. Mobile phones, computers, laptops and electronic organisers are insured.

Can health care costs insurance be extended?

Yes. It can be extended a maximum of twice, as long as the total duration is no more than 185 days and there have not been any previous insured events.

Until what age can the Junior option for Secure Trip Budget, Secure Trip Classic, Secure Trip Premium and Secure Trip Premium PLUS be taken out?

Until the insured person turns 26.


What is the maximum amount of cancellation charges covered under the Secure Trip Budget, Secure Trip Classic, Secure Trip Premium and Secure Trip Premium PLUS insurance policies?

  • For Secure Trip Budget and Secure Trip Classic: up to CHF 25'000 per trip for Individual and Junior; up to CHF 50'000 per trip for Family. An excess of 20% applies each time for Secure Trip Budget.
  • For Secure Trip Premium and Premium PLUS:  up to CHF 50'000 per trip for Individual and Junior and up to CHF 100'000 per trip for families.

What do the total costs include when booking a travel insurance for a single trip?

The total costs are the total costs of all cancellable events during the trip to be insured. This includes, among other things, the costs for flight, accommodation and any activities booked in connection with your trip. For a booked travel package, the total costs correspond to the package price.

What should I state as total costs for an insurance for a single trip if the amount of the costs of individual arrangement components is still uncertain?

In this case, we recommend that you either take out an annual travel insurance policy or increase the sum of the arrangement costs by an appropriate, estimated amount.

How do I calculate the total costs for a single trip if I paid for my arrangement in a foreign currency?

With the help of the Postfinance currency calculator you can quickly and easily determine your arrangement price in CHF.

Personal terms and conditions of insurance

Do babies or infants also have to be insured?

Babies can usually travel for free, so individual cancellation insurance is not required. Our travel insurance policies for families automatically apply to the whole family living in the same household and minors not living in the same household. However, if you take out a short-term travel insurance policy, it is important to provide information about your baby before taking out the insurance. This will protect you if you have to return from your holiday to Switzerland due to your baby's health.

What does "closely related persons" mean?

This covers relatives, life partners and their parents and children, carers of non-travelling minors or relatives in need of care and very close friends with whom there is very close contact.

Is there an age limit for insurance from Allianz Global Assistance?

Yes. The age limit for health care costs insurance for visitors and the Secure Trip Premium and Premium PLUS annual policies is 80. No age limit applies to the other Allianz Global Assistance products. An age limit of 26 also applies to taking out all Junior insurance policies.

Can couples living together take out a Family annual insurance policy?

Yes, it includes all persons living in the same household and their minor children not living in the same household, provided they travel with an insured person and have their permanent residence in Switzerland.

Is there a premium discount for groups?

Yes. Groups of 10 people or more receive a discount of 20% on the following products: travel protection package Classic and Premium, health care costs for visitors Individual and Family, cancellation charges key person and cancellation charges accommodation and further training.

Questions about claims


Which documents do I need to submit to report a claim?

Please fill in the relevant claims form for your claim and submit the documents mentioned in the form to us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Service Center on +41 44 283 32 22.

How long will my claim take to process?

Claims are assessed individually by qualified staff members. The processing time may vary depending on the claim and amount of information. If you submit complete documents, you will help us to reduce the time taken to process your claim.

Why doesn't your refund for cancellation charges correspond to the amount I originally paid to the travel agent?

Allianz Global Assistance only pays the contractually owed cancellation charges. Any difference may be paid to you by the travel agent. The insurance premiums are not refunded.

What do I need to do to cancel my trip?

Please cancel the trip with the company you booked with as soon as possible and report the claim to us in writing.

What do I need to do if an event occurs during my trip and how can I make use of the assistance services?

To make use of the service, our emergency call centre must be informed by telephone on +41 44 202 00 00 as soon as an event has occurred. Our staff are available to support and advise you around the clock.

What do I need to do if my travel baggage is stolen?

Please report the theft to the nearest police station immediately.

Who can claim insurance benefits in the event of a claim?

The people listed in the insurance policy. For family insurance, this is everyone living in the same household and minors not living in the same household.

How long do I have to assert my claims?

Claims expire two years after the event has occurred. You must assert your claim to us in writing within this period.

My claim has been rejected. Where can I send my written objection?

In order for the claim to be reassessed, the insured person must send the member of staff handling the claim a written request for it to be reconsidered, including new facts, together with the Allianz Global Assistance reference number. The insured person can also ask the private insurance ombudsman for a neutral assessment of the claim. Ombudsman for private insurance and Suva, P.O. Box 181, CH-8024 Zurich, telephone +41 44 211 30 90,

Insurance Glossary A-Z

In the world of insurance you will come across numerous specialist terms. The following glossary therefore sets out to explain some of the key concepts. If any points still remain unclear, please contact our service center on +41 44 283 32 22 for more information.

Area of validity
The scope of validity encompasses those countries in which insurance cover is provided.

Assistance is a service that provides the insured person with immediate, direct assistance in the event of a claim or an emergency. Basically, the purpose of assistance is to arrange or provide on-the-spot emergency assistance around the clock.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is excess exclusion insurance for hired vehicles. CDW insurance bears the cost of the excess charged to the vehicle hirer or another insurance policy if a hired vehicle is damaged or stolen. This benefit is included with the following products:

Annual travel insurance for individuals 

Annual travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

All claims must be reported without delay. The insured person must report the claim to the insurance company in writing using the appropriate claim form and attaching all relevant documents. Original copies must be submitted.

Cover interruption
If the premium is not paid despite a reminder, insurance cover is suspended. The insurance does not come back into force until the premium is paid. If damage occurs during the interruption, it will not be paid for by the insurance.

Credit and customer card blocking service
In the event of the theft, loss or misplacement of bank, post office, credit or store cards, the insured persons may request help and arrange to have the cards in question blocked immediately. This benefit is included with the following products:

Annual travel insurance for individuals

Annual travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

The excess is the contractually agreed amount policyholders are required to pay out of their own pocket if an insured event occurs. However, many of the products we offer give you the option of excluding this excess (e.g. our Secure Trip Classic, Premium and Premium PLUS).

Home Care
Home Care arranges emergency measures in the event of loss or damage occurring at the insured person's permanent residence in Switzerland as a result of burglary, fire, natural hazards, water damage or glass breakage.This benefit is included with the following products: 

Annual travel insurance for individuals 

Annual travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

Insurance term
The period of time for which the insurance is valid.

Insured event
An insured event is an event that gives rise to a claim covered by the insurance policy. The occurrence of an insured event is therefore a precondition for the provision of benefits by the insurance company.

All policyholders aged under 26 are classed as ‘junior’.  We offer junior special prices on our annual travel products for individuals. Once policyholders are over the age limit, they are automatically issued with new policies subject to new terms and conditions.

Medical advice service (24h)
In the event of health problems while staying abroad, the insured persons have access to a 24–hour professional information and advice service. This benefit is included with the following products:

Annual travel insurance for individuals

Annual travel Insurance for families

Medical expenses
Medical expenses are incurred if a foreign visitor falls ill or has an accident while travelling in Switzerland. These include doctors' fees, hospital costs, the cost of medicines, repatriation to the traveller's country of origin, search and rescue costs and repatriation of the traveller's body in the event of death. Go to the health care for visitors product:

Schengen visa insurance

A policy is an insurance document containing the most important information on the insurance taken out. It provides proof that insurance has been taken out, but is not a precondition for the validity of the insurance.

Policyholder / insured person
The policyholder is the person who has taken out an insurance policy. Cover is provided for the persons listed by name in the policy or in the tour operator’s travel confirmation document, or for the categories of persons defined in the policy. The precondition for such cover is that the premium has been paid for these persons and/or for this group of people.

The premium is the price the policyholder pays the insurance company in return for the insurance cover.

Repatriation means the transportation of seriously ill or injured people from foreign travel destinations to hospitals with appropriate treatment facilities in their home country. Where possible patients are repatriated under the medical supervision of a doctor and a paramedic or nurse.

Search and rescue costs
This covers all costs incurred where the insured person has been declared missing abroad or needs to be rescued from a physical emergency situation (e.g. deployment of rescue services, search dogs, helicopters etc.). This benefit is included with the following products:

Annual travel insurance for individuals

Annual travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

Substitute journey
If the insured person falls seriously ill or is seriously injured while travelling, the trip may be restarted at a later date. The insured person will receive a payment up to the amount of the agreed sum insured. This benefit is included with the following products:

Secure Trip PremiumPLUS for individuals

Secure Trip PremiumPLUS for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

Sum insured
The sum insured is the amount paid by the insurer in the event of a claim by the policyholder. A detailed description of the insured risks defines the damage and events which are covered and the amount up to which they are insured. 5. Suspension of cover If you fail to pay your premium even though you have been issued with a reminder, your insurance cover will be suspended and will only be reinstated once the premium has been paid. If a loss occurs while cover is suspended, the policy will not pay out.

Terms and conditions (T&C)
The general terms and conditions of insurance form the basis of the insurance contract and govern the contractual relationship between the insurance company and the policyholder. They set out the insured risks and benefits, along with the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract. 

Terms and conditions

Travel Hotline
The Travel Hotline is a 24-hour telephone information and advice service providing valuable information, useful advice and important tips about your travel destination. This benefit is included with the following products:

Annual travel insurance for individuals

Annual travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for a single trip

Allianz Global Assistance – Travel insurance

Allianz Global Assistance offers individual travelers insurance for couples or families, and assistance solutions that are tailor-made to your personal requirements. Annual travel insurances are comprehensive plans and offer immediate help in case of emergency, thanks to Allianz Global Assistance's many years of experience.

There can be problems as early as in the run-up to a trip – here you can get help if you have taken out travel cancellation insurance. This gives you protection against heavy financial loss.

  • Swiss 24-hour emergency call centre
    friendly and professional
  • Telemedical consultations and medical assistance
    around the clock worldwide in the event of illness or accident
  • Accident and breakdown assistance
    in Switzerland and throughout Europe
  • High sums insured
    including assumption of health care costs abroad up to CHF 1 million
  • Travel luggage coverage
    including cover for cameras, laptops and sports equipment
  • Cancellation charges insurance
    unbureaucratic and customer-oriented


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