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10 travel tips: How to be safe on holiday and come back safe and sound


What people really want from their holidays is to escape their day-to-day lives and experience something new. This can often lead to people venturing out of their familiar comfort zone. The risk of having an accident or getting injured therefore significantly increases as people spend their extended free time in the warm weather.


Among all the anticipation of your long-awaited holiday break, the risk of incidents is not to be underestimated. The following ten tips will help you avoid holiday frustration and will tell you exactly what to look out for in the event of an incident.



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Prevention – adequately protect yourself so that you return from your holiday in tip-top condition

1. Protecting yourself in advance: Check your insurance cover before your journey, as you can only travel with peace of mind and have a reliable partner by your side in the event of an incident if you have travel insurance.

2. Travel medical precautions: A well-stocked first-aid kit should be a firm fixture in every piece of luggage. You should also make sure that you’re well-informed of whether you need to have any vaccinations for your travel destination and if so, which ones. You can find more information at Please do, however, bear in mind that you can only obtain professional advice from your GP or a vaccination centre. Make sure you have the recommended vaccinations before your holiday and take the necessary medication with you. Please also ensure that you plan in enough time to be given the vaccination. Some vaccinations have to be repeated and become ineffective after a certain period of time.

3. Staying safe on your travels: Only rent a motorbike or any other vehicle on your holiday abroad if you regularly drive them at home too and thus have the relevant driving experience. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t do without a helmet and appropriate protective gear, even when it’s really warm outside. You should also be cautious when it comes to the safety standards of the vehicles as these are often not so strict abroad. What’s more, the unfamiliar driving style and flow of traffic abroad can cause you to drive in an unsafe manner, increasing your risk of being in an accident and getting injured.

4. Protecting your valuables: Before you go away, decide which of your valuables you actually want to take with you and which items you can do without during your trip. When you’re out and about, it’s important that you never lose sight of your valuables. Chaotic situations can make easy work for thieves. That’s why you should keep calm and ensure that any valuables you have with you in your car cannot be seen from the outside. If you can’t carry them around with you, the best place to store them is the glove compartment.

5. Staying safe when participating in leisure activities: Diving into cool water is simply part of the holidays. You should, however, always be aware of the risks related to this. Do not dive into any bodies of water if you aren’t absolutely sure how deep they are. You should particularly avoid diving into unfamiliar waters at night, as it’s virtually impossible to accurately assess the depth of water and its current with any certainty in the dark.

Respect the local rules and regulations. These are in place to protect you against potential risks. In some places in the world, flouting local rules can cost a pretty penny, for example, the flip-flop ban in the popular tourist region of Cinque Terre, which if violated can incur a fine of up to EUR 2,500.

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Interrupting or cancelling a trip – the correct way to proceed if an incident occurs

6. Cancelling or interrupting a trip correctly: If it emerges that you’re unable to embark on or continue a trip as planned, contact us on +41 44 283 32 22 before you cancel or interrupt your trip. We’ll gladly advise you based on your personal circumstances and tell you your options.

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Action plan – in case anything should happen on your trip

7. Save emergency numbers: Holidays are a time for you to relax and leave the stresses of day-to-day life behind you. If, however, something unexpected happens, it’s all the more important that you know what to do. Save the number for our 24-hour emergency call centre +41 44 202 00 00 and report the emergency straight away or as soon as you can. If possible, have all the necessary information ready so that we can assist you quickly and competently. This includes insurance documents, the name of the hospital and the physician in charge, telephone number(s) of contact persons and the details of your trip.

8. Clear up any uncertainties: If you’re admitted to hospital, clarify your insurance cover before signing any documents that require you to cover all costs yourself. Do not sign anything until you’re sure that you’re sufficiently insured. If you’re in any doubt, contact our helpline. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary medical operations abroad and high follow-up costs for treatment that could have been carried out better in Switzerland.

9. Obtain receipts or medical reports: In some countries, patients have to pay for their medical care before they are actually given the treatment itself. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt for this. You should also request medical reports as you might need them for follow-up investigations in Switzerland should any complications arise, for example.

10. Get photographic evidence: If you rent a vehicle and are then involved in an accident, we recommend that you take photos of any damage. This way you’re covering yourself if the rental company attempts to charge you unjustified costs.


Enjoy your holidays to the max and come back  in tip-top condition. We hope you enjoy a pleasant and accident-free holiday.

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Travel tips



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